Totnes Down Hill – A Muddy 7.5km

A slow and stead slog up to the top of the hill and a long run back down pretty much all the way to Totnes via Lower Sharpham Barton following The River Dart.



December 16th, 2019

Totnes loop round to Ashprington a very muddy winter trail

I really love this route. Starts off by running up the high street to the old gate house, before tucking down the little side path. Once you get to the bottom it’s time to start the 151m climb to the top of Totnes Down Hill; it’s a slow plod and a good challenge to keep going the whole way.

The path up to Totnes Hill Down covered in big fern leaves.

Once you’re at the top, it’s pretty much down hill all the way back. A fast road section and then darting off to the left down to Lower Sharpham Barton.

Once you’re at the retreat you can take a slight right and head down the gravel track to the Sharpham path. Going straight over here give you a nice off road section back to Totnes. If you want to and you don’t want to get muddy you can take the path to the left back too.

Trail from Totnes to Sharpham following the river dart.