The Dart Dash – 52.3km (32 miles)

From Dartmeet to Dartmouth this 50km trail follows the River Dart from source to mouth.



November 17th, 2020

The Dash Dash 50km trail route down the river dart

I’ve been looking at this route for some time now. It starts in Dartmeet on Dartmoor and meanders the entire way of the River Dart.

I tried to follow the river as close as possible. This year on my my 29th birthday I decided to give it ago. The original goal was a bit shorter, running 29 miles on my 29th birthday. Turns out the pub in Dartmouth was a little further so it ended up being 32 miles in total.

My brother ran with me on the last stretch from Totnes to Dartmouth which was really nice. We had a good rule which was walk the up hills, and run the flat and downs. I had never run further than a half marathon before this so I started really looking forward those hills just for a walk.

It took 5:32 hours in total, but wasn’t a race, just wanted to enjoy the trail and the outdoors.