Sharpham House Loop – 8km

3km longer than the Totnes – Lower Sharpham 5km Loop and I nice hill half way around



September 16th, 2019

Trail route from Totnes to Sharpham House

The Sharpham route is one of my favourites. I do it about 2-3 times a week. This morning I added on an extra 3km and found a nice hill too.

Overall the run is an extra 56m of climb but I did enjoy the slow plod up the hill. Once at the top you can really leg your legs go. Give yourself a little time when flying past a field of nice dark black Dexter cows, before joining back up on the other Sharpham path.

Heading down this gravely track you’ll start to run parallel to the marsh on the right hand side. Running past Lower Sharpham farm, you join my favourite bit of the little trail, up round and down, being carful not to hit any tree roots on the way back home to Totnes.

See the OS trail route here: