The 100 mile training week

The Ginger Runner takes on a 100 mile training week. It’s great to see the breakdown too. I found this really inspiring and that being said going to take on a marathon week in inspiration.

Linda completes the Final Countdown 10km

Linda is one of our regular runners on a Saturday and it’s been great getting to know her. Today I was thrilled to hear that she recently completed a 10km called the Final Countdown around Darlington on New Years. And just wanted to say well done!

The First Totnes Trail Runners 5km

Today we had the first 5km trail run and I was so happy to see three people turn up for it, Mike, Jeff, Daisy and Raffa (the dog). We went on the Sharpham 5km route and got a bit muddy along the way. It was great and can’t wait for next week.