Dartington 7.2km Loop

A lumpy 7.2km run from Totnes around to Dartington via Buckham Park Copse and Symon’s Tree Wood and then returning on the path following The River Dart.



November 30th, 2019

This Saturday (30th November) morning we went on 7.2km run around Dartington. Starting at our usual meeting point of the market square we ran down the super steep hill down to the train station. It was a nice warm up to the start of the off road/muddy sections of the trail.

From here we run up Buckham Park Copse through to the nice open field. It’s a bit of a climb with 44m over a few hundred metres but a nice one. Then passing through the top of Symon’s  Tree Wood we head for Dartington.

With a wiggle through Dartington past the lovely church we headed down the hill through sheep fields down to the path following The River Dart back to Totnes and the start of our trail.