Barracks Hill – 6.2km

My favourite part is the view of Totnes from the field in-between Foxhole Copse and Buckham Park Copse.



September 16th, 2019

Route map of Barracks hill 6km and back to Totnes

This Barracks Hill run is a nice steady 6km with a bit of incline when heading through the Dartington woods. The first half of it is on road (tarmac) and the second on a trail (gravel).

I find myself doing fartlek training on the Barracks Hill road half. Then normal running for the rest. It’s also possible to get a nice hill sprint up to Symon’s Tree Wood if you’re going clockwise round.

As you leave Symon’s Tree Wood for Buckham Park Copse there is a lovely view over to Totnes which looks really nice in early evening time.

See the route here: